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Resources on Lepcis Magna, famous Roman site in ancient Libya, Tripoli and maps of Ancient Libya.

Procopius on the Vandal Conquest of Libya
Procopius describes the treaty made between the Roman emperor Honorius and the Vandals in which the Vandals are tricked and are eventually pressed to retaliate. Valentinian III became emperor and because of the effeminate upbringing and his association with the typical round of miscreant sorcerers, was unfit for the job and lost Libya.

Information on ancient Lybia, an area that includes Euesperides, Lepcis Magna, Tripoli, and Cyrenaica.

From the About.com Guide to Geography, maps and geographical data on modern Libya.

Euesperides was a Greek colony in ancient Cyrenaica. "Next page" shows maps of the region in northern Libya and an explanation for the name and some history.

Lepcis Magna
Lepcis Magna was a Roman site in Libya. This site provides a virtual museum and tour of the site with children's activities.

The Libyan Capital: Tripoli
An ancient, originally Phoenician city in northern Africa, Tripoli was invaded by the Garamants in 24 B.C.

Names of Tripoli City
Names of Tripoli from the 14th C BC to the present include Derbly, Mahallata, Niwam, Athar, Tripolis, and Al-Fayha'a.

University of Pennsylvania page on Apuleius and the ancient Libyan city of Sabratha, with images of excavations and map.

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