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Atlantis - Lost Continent of Atlantis

The sources for the story of Atlantis, modern versions and theories about where the lost continet of Atlantis might have been and refutations of Atlantean theories.

Is Atlantis Real? Plato's Atlantis From the Timaeus
Atlantis is a story from Plato's Timaeus.

Erich von Däniken
Writer and Hotellier Erich von Däniken claims that extraterrestrials had contact with the ancient world.

Discussion of Atlantis
This forum discussion argues for and against the existence of Atlantis.

Atlantis - No Way
Kevin Christopher explains why there isn't likely to be a Schliemann uncovering the Atlantis of myth because its origin was imaginary.

Atlantis - Plato FAQ
Bernard Suzanne explains why he considers the story of Atlantis a myth.

Atlantis - Thira
Plato gave the world the oldest remaining written account of Atlantis, in Critias as a vast island-continent west of the mediterranean, surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Comparison of ancient Egyptian records of Keftiu identifies a number of similarities to Plato's Atlantis. It is likely that Atlantis was the land of the Minoan culture, namely ancient Crete and Thera.

Atlantis - Lost Continent Finally Found
Theory that the lost continet of Atlantis is located in the South China Sea.

Carlos Parada's map of Atlantis with references from antiquity and catalogued information from the ancient sources.

The Sunken Kingdom
Book Review. The explosion of Thera was a volcano, not the earthquake said by Plato to have destroyed the lost kingdom.

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