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Cities of the Silk Road


Note: This map is NOT in the public domain, but is copyright.
Cities of the Silk Road

Cities of the Silk Road.

c 2002 Lance Jenott. Used with permission of Silk Road Seattle.
The cities running roughly west to east in north-south chunks with modern locations named when the order is questionable:
  • Constantinople,
  • Aleppo,
  • Damascus,
  • Jerusalem,
  • Tabriz in modern Iran,
  • Baghdad in modern Iraq,
  • Basra,
  • Isfahan,
  • Ormuz,
  • Urgench in modern Uzbekistan,
  • Merv (Merv) in modern Turkmenistan,
  • Bukhara in modern Uzbekistan,
  • Samarkand,
  • Kesh,
  • Kabul in modern Afghanistan,
  • Taxila in modern Pakistan,
  • Kashgar in modern China,
  • Khotan,
  • Delhi in modern India,
  • Agra,
  • Dunhuang in modern China,
  • Karakorum,
  • Chang 'an,
  • Guangzhou, and
  • Beijing.
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