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Solstice at Newgrange - Uaimh na Gréine (Cave of the Sun)


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The Prehistoric Passage and Solstice Viewing at Newgrange

Exterior of Newgrange Tomb

Paul Gill

Forty kilometers north of Dublin, in Co. Meath, is a tourist attraction so popular that on and around the Winter Solstice, it's booked for the next decade.

A Rare Glimpse of Sun

In Ireland, days end early in winter. Between mid-afternoon sunsets, daily drizzle, and a gray dome that replaces sky, sunlight is cherished. So it's understandable that what those tourists have reserved space for is a vision of light. From a small entry way, for a few minutes each year (with luck), a pitch black tomb is illuminated. The tour guides say it's bright enough to read a book -- but only if it's a sunny morning.
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