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Roman Man and Woman

From Image ID: 817511 Roman dresses. (1812)

NYPL Digital Library

Matrona was the name given a married Roman woman held in esteem and distinguished by a long white stola (type of tunic) and palla (stole, shawl). The matrona, as a Roman woman, wore a chiton or peplos (types of tunics; could be linen or silk; might be fastened at the shoulders with elaborate pins known as fibulae) under the sleeveless wool stola tunic. The matrona also wore a palla on top of both tunics, when she went outside.

"Women cannot partake of magistracies, priesthoods, triumphs, badges of office, gifts, or spoils of war; elegance, finery, and beautiful clothes are women's badges, in these they find joy and take pride, this our forebears called the women's world." (Livy, History of Rome 34.5) Source: Barbara McManus Roman Clothing
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