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Definition: The body of a dead Egyptian would be made into a mummy in order to preserve the body for its immortal soul. The process of mummification was complicated, including removing organs and wrapping the body in linen cloth. The body was treated with preservatives which dried out the body of the mummy.

The plural of mummy is mummies.

The word "mummy" comes from the Arabic mumiyah (body preserved by wax or bitumen).
/www.osirisweb.com/egypt/mummy.htm (The Mummy Page)
Explained the process of making a mummy.
Enter the Mummy Tombs
Hollywood has adapted the idea of a mummy's curse [see The Mummy's Curse and Lord George Carnarvon] in a host of movies featuring a mummy brought to life and walking. Brendan Fraser starred in a 1999 movie called The Mummy and a 2001 sequel, The Mummy Returns.

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