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Japanese - Mythology - Religion

Resources on Japanese gods, goddesses and founding myths.
  1. Japan Myth (6)

The Famly Tree Of Gods
Genealogy of and clickable link (includes comparison of Greek and Japanese myth) to the Japanese gods: Izanami, Izanaki, Ohyamatsumi, Amateras, Susanoh, Kusinada, Iwanagahime, Konohananosakuyahime, Hononinigi, Ohkuninushi, Toyotamabime, Hoori, Hoderi, Tamayoribime, Ugayahukiaezu, and Jinmu.

Japanese Creation Myth
Shinto creation story.

Japanese Gods and Goddesses
This article is an introduction to a few of the Japanese gods and goddesses and mythological figures: Izanagai and Izanami, Sennin, Shishi, and the Seven Gods of Luck.

Japanese Mythology
The Japanese culture and arts have been strongly influenced by a widespread belief in ghosts, demons and supernatural spirits. The roots of Japanese mythology are in the Shinto religion, Taoism and Zen Buddhism. This article gives a short overview on major characters from Japanese mythology: Daruma, Kintaro, Oni, Raiden and Sarumawashi.

Japanese Mythology
The original gods and the creation of the first couple of dozen.


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