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Myth - Near and Middle East

Myth from the ancient Near East and Middle East.
  1. Near East Mythology and ...

Dagon - Canaanite God of the Philistines - Dagon
Dagon was a Canaanite god of the Philistines.

Gods and Goddesses
Index of individual Near Eastern gods and goddesses.

Hittite/Hurrian Mythology REF 1.2
A page by Christopher Siren including explanation of who the Hittites were, which gods they believed in, and a glossary of deities, with bibliography.

Mesopotamian Myths
Dozens of ancient stories.

Sumerian Mythology FAQ
By Christopher Siren. In Sumerian mythology there was a primeval sea (abzu) within which earth (ki) and sky were formed.

Myth - Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Bast,Bes, Geb, Horus, isis, and other Egytian gods and goddesses.

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