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Wives of Nero
Possibly Claudia Octavia

Head of a girl, possibly Claudia Octavia, daughter of Roman Emperor Claudius and Messalina Circa 50 A.D. Rome. Marble. Royal Museum for Art and History, Brussels

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Nero had three wives:
  1. Claudia Octavia - Nero's stepsister, the only daughter of Claudius by his third marriage to his second cousin Valeria Messalina. Nero divorced her for barrenness and married his mistress shortly after.
  2. Poppaea Sabina, who had become Nero's mistress while she was married to her second husband, Otho (later emperor). She bore Nero a child, Claudia Augusta, in 63, at which time she was made Augusta. Suetonius says Nero administered a fatal kick to Poppaea Sabina when she was pregnant a second time, in 65.

    [See #11 on Thursday's -cide words to learn.]

  3. Statilia Messalina - Nero's wife from 66-68, she survived her husband.

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