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Odoacer and the Fall of Rome

Odoacer was the barbarian responsible for the Fall of Rome -- at least the Western Empire.

Defining the Middle Ages
According to About Medieval History, in A.D. 476, the Western Roman Empire officially came to an end when the Germanic warrior Odoacer deposed and exiled the last emperor, Romulus Augustus.

Byzantium Timeline
Information from the Met on the different periods of the Byzantine Empire.

Decadence, Rome and Romania
Section on Odoacer, his power grab, resignation of the imperial insignia, and his acceptance of the title of German king.

The Origins and Deeds of the Goths
Within this long treatise, Jordanes briefly mentions Odoacer's rout of Augustulus and the final western Roman emperor's exile to Campania.

Roman Emperors: Romulus Augustulus
De Imperatoribus Romanis entry on Augustulus gives various accounts of the final years of the youthful emperor following his deposition by Odoacer.

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