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Odyssey Scholarship

Articles on the opening of Homer's book on the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War.
  1. Odyssey Study Guides (27)

Paintings Based on the Odyssey
Homer's Odyssey has inspired impressive artwork. Here are some of the artistic representations of people Odysseus encountered, based on the Odyssey.

Odyssey I: A Goddess Intervenes
Athena takes advantage of Poseidon's absence to rally the other Olympians around the cause of returning Odysseus to Ithaca.

Odyssey II: Wily Penelope
A perfect match for her wily husband, suitor-thwarting Penelope is likened to a fox.

Odyssey of Homer - Butler Translation of the Odyssey
The 24 books with direct links to translations of the each book, summaries, and quizzes.

Hypertext and Homer's Odyssey
"The Loom and the Weaver," by Dene Grigar and Mindi Corwin, looks at the obstacles to understanding Penelope's character translations put in the way. They say Penelope is really more clever than other women and Odysseus.

Incorporating the Other: the Catalogue of Women in Odyssey
Explaining who the women mentioned in the Nekuia (Book XI), this article by James Houlihan, says women are silent because mythos is men's business. Asserting this is one rite of passage for Telemachus in Book I.

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