1. Education

Oppian Law

In 195 B.C., women in Rome demonstrated and successfully repealed this 20-year-old law that limited women's use of expensive goods.

Female Fury in the Forum
A discussion of the two forum protests by Roman women, in support of the repeal of the Oppian Law, and Hortensia's speech against taxing the 1400 richest Roman women.

Public Life
From Mary Lefkowitz and Maureen Fant's Women in Greece and Rome site, Livy's reconstruction of the debate over the Oppian Law's repeal, with explanatory paragraph.

Roman Matron
Passage from Sarah Pomeroy on Livy's stories about congregations of Roman women for the purposes of preventing the Sabine fathers from fighting with their Roman husbands, the women who kept Coriolanus from waging war against Rome, and the women in the Oppian Law protest.

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