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Early Republican Plebeian Timeline

509-First Punic War


The source for this timeline of the Plebeians of ancient Rome from 509 to the start of the first Punic War is:

H.H. Scullard. A History of the Roman World 753-146 BC. London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1980.

509 Fall of the Monarchy
501 1st dictator appointed
494 1st Plebeian Secession
486 Spurius Cassius proposes 1st Agrarian Law
471 Lex Publilia Voleronis; Concilium plebis and tribunes officially recognized
459? Number of tribunes raised to 10
456 Lex Icilia de Aventino publicando
451-50 Decemvirates; Publication of XII Tables
449 Secession of the Plebs; Valerio-Horatian laws (restored right of appeal, gave plebescite the force of law, and reaffirmed the sanctity of the tribunes)
447 Quaestors popularly elected. Comitia tributa may have begun
445 Lex Canuleia (allowed plebeians and patricians to marry and assigned children to the father's gens); military tribunes with consular powere replaced the consulship
443 Censors established (previously, consuls assigned people to their tribes and centuries and rept track of who was to serve in the cavalry)
421 Number of Quaestors raised to 4 and the position was opened to plebeians
396 Introduction of military pay
387 4 rustic tribes (25 tribed total)
367 Laws of Licinius and Sextius; consulship restored; curule aedileship created
366 1st plebeian consul; praetorship created; curule aedile to alternate annually between patrician and plebeian
358 2 new tribes (27 total)
357 Lex Manlia - Government tax on manumission; interest rate fixed
356 1st plebeian dictator
352 Quinqueviri mensarii established
351 1st plebeian censor
342 Military mutiny and secession; Leges Genuciae
340-338 Latin revolt
339 Leges Publiliae
337 1st plebeian praetor
332 2 new tribes in Latium (29)
326 1st use of prorogatio imperii. Lex Poetilia for debt
318 Two new tribes in Campania (31)
312 Censorship of Appius Claudius
311 Duoviri navales appointed
304 Repeal of reform of Appius Claudius; Flavius publishes 'legis actiones'
300 Lex Valeria de provocatione; Lex Ogulnia opened priestly college to plebeians
299 2 new tribes (total 33)
293? Lex Maenia
289 Mint and triumviri monetales established
287 Lex Hortensia

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