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Ancient men whose names begin with P.

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  1. Pelopidas
  2. Pericles - Athenian Stat...
  3. Petronius
  4. Pindar
  5. Plato
  6. Pliny the Younger
  7. Plotinus
  8. Polybius
  9. Pompey
  10. Pontius Pilate
  11. Proclus Diadochus
  12. Propertius
  13. Ptolemy, Claudius
  14. Pupienus
  15. Pyrrho
  16. Pythagoras

Glossary entry on Pacuvius.

Article on the Pre-Socratic philosopher Parmenides explains subject matter of metaphysics as ontology, the science of being, and the questioning of whether there is a single underlying substance, permanent or changing.

Pepy I - Who Was Pepy I
Pepy I was a long ruling pharaoh of the 6th dynasty in ancient Egypt

Procopius was a Byzantine official and historian who wrote a history of the wars fought under Emperor Justinian, a book on the buildings, and a gossipy secret history of the emperor and empress.

Plutarch was a Greek biographer.

Pausanias was a Spartan general during the Persian Wars.

Philolaus was a Pythagorean philosopher (c.470 - c.385) from Croton in Southern Italy, where Pythagoras had migrated. Philolaus was a contemporary of Socrates and probably the first Pythagorean to have written a book (On Nature).

Paul of Tarsus - Saul
Paul, a Pharisee and tent-maker, was on his way to Damascus to continue his mission of stamping out converts to the new Jewish sect of Christians when he experienced a vision of Jesus, which he describes in Acts 9:1 – 9. From then on he became a missionary, spreading the message of Christianity.

Porus, king of the area between the Hydaspes and the Acesines rivers, in India, met Alexander the Great at the Battle of the Hydaspes River in June 326 B.C.

Philip II of Macedon

Philopoemen (253-184 B.C.) was a Greek general and leader of the Achaian (Achaean) League. Guest article by Bingley.

Plutarch's life of Phocion.


Pliny the Elder
A biography of the life of Pliny the Elder and his death in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Pliny the Younger
An introduction to the life of Pliny the Younger.

Plutarch's life of Poplicola.

Pachomius - Christian Saint Pachomius
Pachomius was a Christian saint credited with founding cenobitism.

Philip the Arab (244-249 A.D.) Roman Emperor Philip the Arab
Philip the Arab was a Roman emperor from 244-249 A.D.

Pyrrhus was king of Epirus (318-272)

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