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Priam King Priam of Troy

Priam was the king of Troy during the ten years of the Trojan War.

Priam - King Priam of Troy
Glossary entry on King Priam of Troy.

Cassandra's Prophecies for Troy by Laura Fitton
Laura Fitton says Priam had two prophetic children, Cassandra and Hellenus. Priam didn't listen to their advice.

Genealogy - House of Troy and Dardania
Family tree showing the descent from the gods of the family of Priam. Tree shows the children of Priam and Hecuba and those of Priam and his concubines.

House of Troy
Information on Priam of Troy and how he came to be king of Troy.

Encyclopedia Mythica entry on Priam. Mentions the moving meeting between Achilles and Priam when King Priam pleads for the body of his dead son Hector. Lists sources.

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