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Latin - Pronunciation

Information on the most probable pronunication of Latin, the problems of pronunciation for English speakers and alternative pronunciations, including Church Latin.

Latin Pronunciation - How to Pronounce Words in Latin
Although we don't have audio tapes of ancient Romans speaking, we have some ideas about how they probably pronounced the words we see in Latin literature. Vox Latina traces changes in Latin pronunciation and looks at how the ancient grammarians interpreted their own language.

How Do I Say This Latin Name?
Although ultimately you will probably have to use a dictionary, this should help you figure out some of the pronunciation issues in Roman names of people and places.

Latin Meters
The meters of Greek and Latin poetry: trochaic, iambic, anapestic, dactylic, and spondaic meters.

Latin Syllables - Rules for Latin syllabification
Guidelines to help you learn to stress the right syllable in Latin.

"How Should We Pronounce Latin?"
William Harris' essay on ancient and modern Latin pronunciation suggests that how you pronounce it is not as important as making sure you don't succumb to the faults of English pronunciation.

"Pronunciation of Latin"
A discussion of the phonematic length of the Latin vowels, by William Harris, Professor Emeritus, Middlebury College.

"Stress, Accent, and Pronunciation of Prose"
An essay on the "stress system" which heavily accentuates or increases loudness of pronunciation, by William Harris.

Classics FAQ
This series of questions and answers about Classics includes a pronunciation guide.

Harvard Classics Poetry Recital Page
Listen to readings of Classical Latin by Classicists like Gregory Nagy.

Talkin' Like The Ancient Romans
Talk like a Roman in two easy steps. Includes common (and not-so-common) Latin expressions.

The Art of Reading Latin
How to teach Latin, by Dr. William G. Hale, Cornell University.

The History of Latin Pronunciation
A bibliography of special sources provided by Princeton University.

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