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Punic Wars - Phoenicians vs. Rome

The Punic Wars. The Punic Wars were conflicts between the great Phoenician (Punic) trading power and Rome, including the great victory and defeat of the Phoenician Hannibal of Carthage. See articles about the Phoenicians.
  1. Punic War I (3)
  2. Punic War II (17)
  3. Punic War III (7)

Punic Wars
A basic overview of the Punic Wars.

Phoenician Traits According to Greeks and Romans
Benjamin Isaac, in "The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity" lists the terms used by Greeks and Romans when describing the Phoenicians.

Punic War Overview
An overview of events leading to the fighting of the first Punic War.

Punic War Generals - Who Were the Roman Punic War Generals
A list of Roman Punic War generals

What Does Punic Mean?
An explanation of the term "Punic."

Roman Warfare
Review of Adrian Goldsworthy's Roman Warfare.

The History of Rome, by Theodor Mommsen
Mommsen on the Union of Italy to the subjugation of Carthage and the Greek States.

Ancient Rome
Chapter from Pennell's history of Rome on the Third Punic War.

Punic War POWs
How did the Romans and Phoenicians treat enemy prisoners?

Biography of M. Claudius Marcellus the Roman general.

Fabius Maximus Cunctator
Fabius Cunctator Roman commander who gained the surname Cunctator for his delaying tactics in the Second Punic War (218–201) which gave Rome time to build up its strength.

Consuls of Rome
Table of consuls of the Roman Republic.

Pennell Chronology of Rome
Timeline of Ancient Rome to A.D. 476.

Ancient History Sourcebook: Polybius
Polybius on the Third Punic War.

Famous Carthaginians
Himilco, Adherbal, Hamilcar Barca, Hanno the Great, Hasdrubal the Handsome, Maharbal, Hanno the Rab, Hasdrubal the Boetarch, Hannibal the Rhodian, Xanthippus, Carthalo, Hasdrubal, Gisgo, Hasdrubal Gisgo, Hanno, Mago Saunites, Hamilcar Saunites, Himilco Phameas, Bythia, Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, Bomilkar, Muttines, Carthalo the Boetarch, Hasdrubal Clitomacus, Hasdrubal the Kid, and Hanno the lieutenant.

Colonial Punic Wars
A look at Hannibal and the events of the Punic Wars with a note about the races involved.

Background to the Punic Wars between the Phoenicians and Romans.

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