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Roman Religion

Resources on religion and morality of the Ancient Romans.
  1. Religious Rituals (5)
  2. Roman Festival Days (29)
  3. Roman Priests and Priestesses (16)

Feriae - Roman Holiday - Dies Ferialis
Definition of feriae and what didn't happen in Rome on holidays.

The Roman Pantheon
The Roman pantheon was a temple for all gods that is now the oldest standing domed structure in Rome.

Lares, Larvae, Lemures, and Manes - Roman Ghosts
Spirits of the Dead - Lares, Larvae, Lemures, and Manes. The Romans believed the spirits of the dead became lares, manes or lemures (larvae).

Did the Romans Believe Their Myths?
Judaeo-Christian terminology may hamper our efforts to look at Roman religion objectively, but not totally block us from answering this challenging question.

Quiz on Vestal Virgins
Multiple choice questions on the tenure of the vestal virgins.

Roman Temples
Pictures and information on Roman temples: Maison Carrée | Pantheon | Roman Temple of Antoninus and Faustina | Roman Temple of Hercules Victor

Venus the Roman Goddess
You could say Venus was 'the Roman goddess' since she was counted the ancestor of the ancestral founder of Rome. While Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, like her Greek counterpart Aphrodite, there was more to her. Here you'll learn about various aspects of Venus the Roman goddess.

Cicero's Dream - Somnium Scipionis - Dream of Scipio
Scipio Africanus, in this dialogue from the sixth book of the De republica written by Cicero, answers a question, posed by Laelius, on the enduring rewards of virtue.

Non-Standard Roman Sexuality
From your Guide. Morality, then as now, had some influence on a Roman male's sexuality.

Tiresias Prophecy About Narcissus
The prophet Tiresias was consulted about the longevity of the newborn Narcissus, but his advice was, ultimately and unfortunately for the youth, not followed.

Also see: Tiresias Warns Pentheus, which is another case where following the seer's advice might have had less disastrous consequences.

Interpretatio Romana
Find out what Interpretatio Romana means.

Here you'll read a passage from Plutarch on what Numa Pompilius did to the festival calendar, including moving February.

Pomerium was a symbolic circumference of a Roman city.

Poplifugia - Roman festival on July 5.

Marcellus was declared consul after the augurs declared invalid the election of Flaminius and Furius.

From your Guide. Moralist as well as historian, Livy thought the lessons of history should inspire contemporary rulers.

Hera was known to the Romans as Juno. As Juno she was worshiped in many, conflicting aspects.

A History of Rome, by Robert F. Pennell
Chapter from Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 A.D., by Robert F. Pennell, on customs of daily life, including Roman houses, names, marriages, education, funerals, festivals and games, and more.

Livy on Brennus and the Battle of the Allia -- and the Sacred Geese
In his Ab urbe condita, Livy tells the story of Brennus and his Celtic band's defeat of the Romans at the Allia in 390 B.C.

Floralia - Ludi Florales in honor of Flora
Although the ancient Roman holiday of Floralia, celebrated by the set of games and theatrical presentations known as the Ludi Florales, began in April, it was really an ancient May Day celebration. Flora, the Roman goddess in whose honor the festival was held, was a goddess of flowers, which generally begin to bloom in the spring.

Cerialia was an ancient Roman festival honoring Ceres.

The Lesser Quinquatrus and the Flute Players
At the Lesser Quinquatrus, Roman flute-players celebrated and honored the flute inventing goddess.

The Sacrificial Knife
Useful site because of its list of minor Roman deities and description of the calendar.

The Roman concept of fides and virtus mean more than the English faith and virtue. Chart of relationships governed by said virtues.

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