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Religion and Greek Mythology

Greek religion involved priests and priestesses, holy places, like shrines, oracles, and temples, statues of the gods and goddesses, festivals, rites, games, and more.
  1. Death Dying Afterlife (10)
  2. Delphic Oracle (11)
  3. Greco-Roman Religious Terms (11)
  4. Greek Religious Festivals (5)
  5. Greek Sacred Places (11)
  6. Hellenistic Religion (2)

What Was Greek Religion?
Some basic information on the nature of the religion of the ancient Greeks and its connection with Greek mythology.

What Is Myth?
What Is Myth?

Greek Gods and Goddesses
The major gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece were thought to live on Mt. Olympus; hence the name Olympian Gods. Here is a list with links to each of the major gods and goddesses.

Certain Factors in Athenian Religion
A chapter from A Day in Old Athens, by William Stearns Davis (1910) on the encompassing nature of religion in life in ancient Athens.

"Mystery Cults of the Ancient World" Review
Hugh Bowden's Mystery Cults of the Ancient World shows how Greco-Roman mystery religions were not like the monotheistic religions of the Book and examines the relationship between participants and the god connected with the mystery cult.

Greek Goddesses - Learn About the Greek Goddesses
These are the major goddesses of Greek mythology.

Immortals From Greek Mythology
In Greek mythology, there was a contrast between the mortals, like humans and most animals, on the one hand, and the creatures who couldn't die -- the immortals, on the other. Here you'll learn about a variety of such supernatural beings, including the gods and goddesses, but also other creatures, like the Titans, and still others who aren't quite immortal, but whose lives were very much longer than mortals'.

Drawings of the Greco-Roman Gods
Gods From Thomas Keightley's 1852 The Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy: for the Use of Schools.

Review of "Ancient Greek Love Magic"
Christopher Farone's Ancient Greek Love Magic brings the world of ancient Greek magic to the modern layman.

Arion was the name of the Greek who invented the dithyramb and who was rescued by a dolphin.

The cornucopia comes to the American Thanksgiving table from Greek mythology.

Lycaea was an ancient Greek festival to honor Zeus.

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