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Greek mythology is full of marvelous and fantastic stories of gods, heroes, monsters, hunts, and impossible quests. These stories were retold with variations by poets, playwrights, and vase painters. They continue to be re-envisioned by painters and writers. Here are some of the stories, in pictures. Also see the specialized Greek mythology picture galleries:

Ancient Greek Picture Gallery

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Zeus Courting Ganymede, by the Penthesilea painter. Red-figure kylix from 450 B.C.Zeus Courting GanymedeJupiter TonansJupiter TonansJupiter et Thétis, 1811, by Jean Auguste Dominique IngresJupiter et Thétis, 1811Danae, by Titian, 1554Zeus and Danae
Europa on the back of Zeus as a white bull. Gustave Moreau, watercolor, c. 1869.Europa and ZeusEuropa carried off by Jupiter in the form of a white bull.Ovid's Metamorphoses Book IISarcophagus with the Calydonian Boar hunt. Musei Capitolini, Rome, Italy Palazzo dei Conservatori.Calydonian Boar HuntOeneus, Atalanta, Meleager and a son of Thestius (?). Engraved Etruscan mirror, 4th–3rd C. B.C.Meleager
Orpheus and Eurydice, by  Federico CervelliThe Greek Hero OrpheusPeleus and Atalanta wrestling, black-figured hydria, ca. 550 BC, Staatliche AntikensammlungenThe Greek Hero AtalantaDouris Cup. Athena and Jason, 5th Century B.C., at the Vatican Museum.Medusa on AegisGorgon from a 6th Century B.C. Black-figure amphora.Medusa
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