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Question: Who Was the Most Important Greek Writer
Which writer of Greek mythology was most important to the Greeks?
Answer: This is one question about Greek history that is actually easy to answer. In a word, Homer. One of the 20th century Classical scholars, M.I. Finley, has the following to say about the importance of Homer:
"No other poet, no other literary figure in all history for that matter, occupied a place in the life of his people such as Homer's. He was their pre-eminent symbol of nationhood, the unimpeachable authority on their earliest history, and a decisive figure in the creation of their pantheon.... Plato [Republic 606E] tells us that there were Greeks who firmly believed that ... a man ought to regulate the whole of his life by following this poet." p. 5 The World of Odysseus, by M.I. Finley.

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