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Roman History

About the history of ancient Rome, ancient histories of Rome, more modern histories, including Livy, the Gesta Romanorum, Mommsen, and a public domain modern history.
  1. Pennell History of Rome (54)
  2. Periods of Roman History (275)

Historia Augusta
The Historia Augusta 'Augustan History' is a mysterious series of biographies of Roman emperors.

The Republic of Rome 101
Major topics in the history of ancient Greece with readings from ancient and more contemporary authors.

Gesta Romanorum - Deeds of the Romans
The Gesta Romanorum was a source on ancient Romans used by Shakespeare, Chaucer, and others.

The History of Rome, by Theodor Mommsen - Contents
An English translation of Theodor Mommsen's History of Rome.

Livy - First Punic War
A public domain translation and notes on Books XVI-XX by Livy on the First Punic War.

History of Ancient Rome
This page lists articles from this site on the major topics in ancient Roman history. You'll find articles on the periods from the kings through the Republic and Empire, with charts of battles, wars, and emperors, timelines, maps, and social and cultural history, including foods and clothing. Also see Review: Rose Williams' Once Upon the Tiber...

Books on Roman History
Here are suggestions for reading about ancient Rome, from its founding, through the kings, the Republic, and the Empire, to the Fall of Rome. Some books are suitable to school children, but most are for adults. Most cover a specific period, although there are some general ones.

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