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Names of the Roman Tribes

Names of the 35 Major Roman Voting Tribes


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The citizens of Rome were divided into voting groups or tribes. Originally there were three Romulean tribes but they were likely replaced under Servius Tullius with four urban tribes, in Rome itself, and 16 rustic tribes, in the ager Romanus. [See The Reforms of Servius Tullius.] Tribes were added a few at a time over the years as new territory was incorporated, but with the addition of two tribes in Picenum in 241 the number of tribes was set at 35. The names of the 35 major tribes with the usual abbreviation for each follow:

  • Aemilia (AEM)
  • Aniensis (ANI)
  • Arnensis (ARN)
  • Camilia (CAM)
  • Claudia (CLA)
  • Clustumina (CLU)
  • Collina (COL)
  • Cornelia (COR)
  • Esquilina (ESQ)
  • Fabia (FAB)
  • Falerna (FAL)
  • Galeria (GAL)
  • Horatia (HOR)
  • Lemonia (LEM)
  • Maecia (MAEC)
  • Menenia (MEN)
  • Oufentina (OVF)
  • Palantina (PAL)
  • Papiria (PAP)
  • Pollia (POL)
  • Pomptina (POM)
  • Publilia (PVB)
  • Pupinia (PVP)
  • Quirina (QVIR)
  • Romilia (ROM)
  • Sabatina (SAB)
  • Scaptia (SCAP)
  • Sergia (SER)
  • Stellatina (STE)
  • Suburana (SVC)
  • Terentina (TER)
  • Tromentina (TRO)
  • Velina (VEL)
  • Voltina (VOL)
  • Voturia (VOT)

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