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The Growth of Roman Power


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Territorial Expansion of Rome
Territorial Expansion of Rome  Insets: Plan of Carthage. Vicinity of Rome. Plan of Alexandria.

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Territorial Expansion of Rome "Historical Atlas" by William R. Shepherd 1926
This map shows the Roman territory at the start of the first Punic War, land acquired by that war and land acquired up to the end of the second Punic War; then comes expansion to 133 B.C., followed by Roman territory acquired by the time of the deaths of Caesar, Augustus, and Marcus Aurelius, as well as indications of the imperial vs senatorial provinces, and boundaries of provinces before the time of Diocletian and the four-part division of the Roman Empire known as the Tetrarchy.

The inset map of Rome shows the Milvian Bridge, Virgin, Appian, and Trajan's Aqueducts, Hadrian's Villa, Ferentinian's Grove, and the Temple of Jupiter Latiaris.

1 - Italy - The Growth of Roman Power in Italy
2 - Territorial Expansion of Rome
3 - Northern Africa at the Start of the Second Punic War
4 - Roman Empire 1st Century A.D.
5 - Map of the Extent of the Roman Empire
6 - The Roman Empire about 395
7 - The Roman and Hunnic Empires about 450

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