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Rome - Roman Legends - Early History

From the legendary landing of Aeneas, through the founding of Rome by Romulus, the Etruscans, and early kings to the creation of the Republic.
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Expansion of Roman Power Into Italy
At first, Rome was just one small city-state in the area of Latin-speaking people known as Latium. From about 510 until the middle of the 3rd century B.C., Rome made and broke strategic treaties with neighboring groups in order to help her conquer other city-states.

Livy Book I
the first book of Livy's history covers the Regal Period.

Institutions of Early Rome
The following were the main institutions of early Rome.

A Trojan prince, Aeneas is counted as one of the founders of the Roman people.

4 Periods of Roman History
The Roman government in the time of the seven kings, and the Republican and Imperial periods of Rome, with links to lists showing the heads of state in each era.

Dates for Major Events in Ancient History
A quick list of major events in world history to Odoacer's removal of the last western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus.

Alba Longa
Glossary entry on the city of Alba Longa.

Vestal Virgins
Obligations and rewards of the thirty year commitment to the Vestal Virgins' life of celibacy.

AUC - Ab Urbe Condita
AUC stands for ab urbe condita.

The term plebeian is synonymous with lower class, but by the time of Caesar, the patrician Claudius chose to become a plebeian in order to hold an important political office.

Lucius Junius Brutus
Lucius Junius Brutus was a politically important early Roman.

10 Worst Fathers in Classical Antiquity
We might look to role models for our parental behavior, but it might be worth your while taking a look at these notoriously terrible ancient fathers to see what not to do. Some of these fathers from classical antiquity and classical mythology had reasons and excuses, but in the end, their children suffered.

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