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Augustus - Timeline of Augustus for 63-44 B.C.


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Timeline of Augustus for 63-44 B.C. - The Early Years of Augustus
Octavian - Bust of Augustus (Octavian)


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Augustus Timeline The Early Years | 43-31 B.C. | After Actium | Legislation to the Death of Augustus

63 B.C.
Augustus is born in 63 B.C. to Gaius Octavius, from an old, wealthy, equestrian family, and Atia, niece of Caesar. He isn't Augustus at the time, but Gaius Octavius.

48 B.C.
Caesar wins the Battle of Pharsalus, defeating Pompey, who flees to Egypt where he is killed.
On October 18 - Octavius (young Augustus) puts on the toga virilis: Octavius is officially a man.

45 B.C.
Octavius accompanies Caesar to Spain for the Battle of Munda.

44 B.C.
March 15 - Caesar is assassinated. Octavius is adopted in Caesar's will.

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