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Periods of Roman History Study Guide

Questions about the first three periods of Roman History


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Here are some questions to guide you while you look over the periods of Roman history:

  1. Why do Romans trace their ancestry to the Trojans?
  2. Which consul was the first to serve seven terms?
  3. Why was Odoacer called a barbarian? What distinguished Romans from barbarians?
  4. What could emperors do to increase their life expectancy?
  5. Which were the greater despots, kings or emperors?
  6. When did the Republic begin to crumble and why?
  7. Would you have been better off as a knight or a patrician? Would the era make any difference to your choice?
  8. Why did the Empire expand. Why did it stop?
  9. What did the Roman armies do that made them so formidable during the period of expansion? What happened?
  10. Evaluate Augustus and Julius Caesar. Did Augustus make sure his reputation would be enhanced by contrast with his successor? Was he safeguarding Rome's best interests? Was Julius Caesar morally or legally justified when he crossed the Rubicon? How might you defend his actions?

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