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Ancient Rome and Roman Provinces - Maps

Ancient Rome. Maps of Ancient Rome, the Roman Empire and the Roman provinces.
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Maps of Rome Gallery
Thumbnails of 16 historic maps of ancient Rome. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions. Maps show Italy, Rome, and the provinces.

Maps of Ancient Rome
Maps of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire.

Maps of Rome
From your Guide. Maps of Rome and the Empire at various periods.

Main Roman Provinces With Their Dates
A list of the Roman provinces with their dates of inclusion arranged geographically.

Rome Maps - Roma - Italia - Roman Provinces
Historic maps of Roma (Rome) and Italia (Italy), showing the extent of the Roman Empire at various period, its provinces, and cities.

Roman Empire Maps
A series of 3 maps showing each side of the Roman Empire and a map of the city of Rome itself.

Map of the Roman Empire in A.D. 395
Map of the Roman Empire of A.D. 395 divided into the Eastern Empire and the Western Empire.

Geography of Italy - Ancient Rome and Italian Geography
Basic information on the physical geography of Rome and Italy. Information on its geological formations, like the Alps, and rivers.

Provinces of the Roman Empire
List of 54 provinces of the RomanEmpire in 120 A.D.

Forma Urbis Romae - Map of Rome
The Forma Urbis Romae is a detailed map of Rome.

Geographical Table
Geographical Table or Index of the names of places and rivers mentioned in The Works of Cornelius Tacitus, edited by Arthur Murphy Esq.

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