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Definition: The Cerialia was a festival with ludi ('games') celebrated by the ancient Romans in honor of the goddess Ceres. The Cerialia probably ran from April 12-19. It may have been on the Ides (April 13) or on April 7. There was a special flamen (priest) for Ceres called the flamen Cerialis and games were held in the Circus Maximus.
Ceres was associated with the earth goddess Tellus. Her association with Demeter came after consultation with the Sibylline books in 496.
Little is known about the cerealia.

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Also Known As: Ludi Cerealia
Alternate Spellings: Cerealia
The Cerealia entry fromWilliam Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.: A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities says the festival was celebrated by women running around dressed in white carrying torches. The same article cites Ovid (Fast. IV.389, 494, & 620; Tacitus (Ann. XV.53), and Livy (XXII.56 and XXXIV.6) as sources.

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