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Review of 'Caesars' Wives Sex, Power, and Politics in the Roman Empire'
Review of 'Caesars' Wives - Sex, Power, and Politics in the Roman Empire.'

Roman Virtue in Women
The following ancient Roman women have been considered the embodiment of Roman virtue and as women to be emulated.

Coriolanus was one of the famous Romans whose biography was written by Plutarch. Coriolanus was a Roman military leader who suffered unfairly at the hands of his fellow Romans, and then turned on them, but who was successfully prevailed upon by his mother and the women of Rome.

Could Women Divorce in Ancient Rome?
A look at the question of whether Roman women could divorce their husbands.

Laudatio Turiae
Laudatio Turiae is a late first century B.C., epitaph written by a man for his beloved wife.

Matronalia - Festival for Juno Lucina
On the anniversary of the foundation of the temple of Juno Lucina on the Esquiline, Roman matrons held a festival known as the Matronalia on March 1.

Pompey's Wives
Pompey the Great had five wives. These are their names and the conditions of the marriages and divorces.

A History of Rome, by Robert F. Pennell
Chapter from Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 A.D., by Robert F. Pennell, on customs of daily life, including Roman houses, names, marriages, education, funerals, festivals and games, and more.

Women and Marriage in Ancient Rome
About.com's Women's History Guide has put online an etext on ancient Roman women. "Women and Marriage in Ancient Rome," from The Women of the Caesars, was written in 1911 by Gugliemo Ferrero.

De Feminis Romanis
Diotima's Latin readings on Roman Women.

Midwives and Maternity
Valerie French's article on Midwives and Maternity in the Roman World. Examines the gap between professional and folk medicine.

Private Life: Chastity. Italy, 3rd/2nd cent. B.C.
Courage and intelligence were virtues for both men and women, but chastity was peculiarly a woman's virtue. Treatise by a female Pythagorean.

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