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Famous ancient leaders either of armies or of countries. Resources on rulers, kings, emperors, consuls, tyrants, dictators, military leaders (generals), and more.
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The consulship was the highest position in the Roman course of honor that young men of the equestrian and senatorial classes aspired to. There were two at a time, appointed annually, except when an emergency called for a dictator. The consuls might lead consular armies in battle. Following their terms in office, they might become governors of lucrative Roman provinces. Here is a table of the consul of Rome from 509 B.C. until A.D. 541 when Justinian abolished the consulate.

In ancient Rome, the position of censor was not one of the regular offices of the cursus honorum -- the course of elected positions Rome's nobler sons aspired to. The censors had a different and higher kind of power, since they could remove men from the Senate. They also had closer connections to what we think of when we see the word censor, they performed the census and were in charge of public morality. This list covers censors during the period of the Roman Republic.

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