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Satire is considered a uniquely Roman genre of literature and one of the Roman's contributions to poetry. Roman satire was a verse form usually. There was also a mixed prose and verse form called Menippean Satire.
  1. Apocolocyntosis (4)
  2. Ennius
  3. Horace
  4. Juvenal (10)
  5. Persius
  6. Persius (5)
  7. Petronius
  8. Roman Satire Resources (10)

Timeline of Roman Satire
Timeline of Roman Satire

Dates of the Roman Satirists
Dates of the major Roman satirists

Menippean Satire - What Is Menippean Satire
A brief look at the genre of Menippean satire.

Glossary entry on Ennius.

Livius Andronicus
Glossary entry on Livius Andronicus.

Glossary entry on Naevius.

Archilochus is renowned for his invective and connection with satire. Read a glossary entry on this ancient Greek poet.

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