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Saturnalia was probably the most popular Roman festival. Saturnalia was held in mid-December to honor the god Saturn with feasting, gift giving and role reversal.

Solstice and Christmas
Here you will find information on ancient holidays that have been celebrated on or around the Winter Solstice. Some of these ancient holidays, like Christmas, continue to be celebrated, but they have their origin in the ancient world. There are glossary entries for some of the special terms, especially in connection with Christmas.

Saturnalia, by Linsey Davis - Review of Saturnalia
Because the 18th in the Falco series is set amid Saturnalia revelry, Saturnalia is an especially entertaining work of historical fiction featuring the informer Falco and his eccentric, extended family. While it is a murder mystery, and includes the solution to a puzzling decapitation, this is more the frame than the central plot. Watch out for...

Solstice Celebrations
Janus instituted the Saturnalia as a yearly tribute to his friend, Saturn.

Saturnalia Quotes
Read the Latin and English translation of quotes from Macrobius, author of a work called Saturnalia.

Celebrate the Saturnalia
From your Guide, a feature on putting the ancient holiday of Saturnalia into your holiday celebrations.

Macrobius - Saturnalia
The Latin text of The Saturnalia, by Macrobius.

Bulleted lists of Saturnalia related facts, including the related festivals celebrated in December, the gods so honored, and the types of activities engaged in during the celebration.

Saturnalia (Rom., Dec. 17-23; ancient: XVI-X Kal. Jan.)
Site places the holiday in the context of related holidays and provides two quotations from ancient Roman writers on the subject of the best of days -- Saturnalia.

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