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Roman Religion and Prophecy

Religious festivals, beliefs, and customs integrated into the pattern of Roman daily life.
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Venus the Roman Goddess
You could say Venus was 'the Roman goddess' since she was counted the ancestor of the ancestral founder of Rome. While Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, like her Greek counterpart Aphrodite, there was more to her. Here you'll learn about various aspects of Venus the Roman goddess.

Did the Romans Believe Their Myths?
A look at Charles King's analysis of Roman religion as one answer to the question did the Romans believe their myths.

Manes were Roman spirits.

Rex sacrificulus
The rex sacrificulus or sacrorum is thought to have carried on the priestly role of the kings.

Prodigium is the Latin word from which we get the English word prodigy.

Luperci were the Roman priests who officiated at the February festival of Lupercalia.

Opalia is a name for the Roman festivals in honor of the goddess Ops.

Glossary entry on the fetials.

Roman Calendar Abbreviations
These are the abbreviations of the ancient Roman calendar.

Fides is a Latin personification and also a component of treaties.

Glossary entry on templum.

Glossary entry on aeditui.

Venus - Goddess of Love and Beauty
Aspects of the goddess of love, the goddess Venus, the Roman Aphrodite.

The October Horse
The October Horse was the victim of a sacrifice and also the winner of a race.

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