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To the Romans, Asia meant pretty much what we think of as the Near and Middle East. This category includes the area of Asia further to the west, beyound the Indian sub-continent. The Ancient Near East (ANE) category covers Persia, and the areas now known as the Middle and/or Near East. The Indian Sub-continent covers India and Pakistan.
  1. Anatolia - Asia Minor (9)
  2. Assyria
  3. Babylonia
  4. Balochistan (2)
  5. Indian Subcontinent (111)
  6. Israel & Judaea (116)
  7. Japan (8)
  8. Mesopotamia and More (293)
  9. Persian Empire
  10. Religion and Mythology
  11. Seleucids
  12. Silk Road (12)
  13. Syria

Armenia Early Period
Settlement and early growth of Armenia until it became a pawn in the hands of the Romans and Parthians, from the Library of Congress article on Armenia.

When the Greeks and Romans referred to Asia, they were referring to something slightly different from what we think of as Asia.

The Botai are an ancient people who have live in the north central area of what is now Kazakhstan.

The Steppes
The Steppes are an area of Central Asia that played a triggering role in the history of major empires.

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