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Stoicism - A Greek and Particularly Roman Philosophy

Stoicism, a Greek philosophy popular among the Romans regarded living a life in conformity with nature as virtuous. The wise man is self-sufficient.

Learn About the Stoic Philosophers
Stoicism is an ethical philosophy developed out of earlier philosophies, by Greek philosophers, particularly during the Hellenistic period.

Stoicism-Based Suggestions For New Year's Resolutions
Here are five general behavioral areas based on Stoic philosophy that can be substituted for typical New Year's resolutions.

Philosophical New Year's Resolutions - Readers Share Their Philosophical New...
Readers list their philosophically-based New Year's Resolutions.

Stoicism - Greek Philosophy of the Stoics
Stoicism was a philosophy that spread from Greece to Rome.

Musonius Rufus
Glossary entry on the Stoic philosopher Musonius Rufus.

Marcus Aurelius Meditations, Introduction
The etext of the introduction to a public domain translation of the Meditations of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. This contains a comprehensive introduction to Stoicism.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes on Pain
English translations of quotations from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.

Musonius Rufus
Glossary entry on the Stoic philosopher Musonius Rufus.

This site's resources on Stoicism which is a philosophical school particularly popular among the Romans because of its moral content.

The Hellenistic philosopher Chrysippus was vital to the Stoic philosophy, but also contributed to propositional logic.

Epictetus Quotes
A List of Epictetus quotes.

Epictetus Quotes
A List of Epictetus quotes.

Review - 'Dying Every Day' by James Romm
Review of James Romm's Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero.

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