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AP Latin Prose Caesar
For the 2012-2013 academic year, the Latin AP exam and course includes the prose of certain passages from Julius Caesar's Gallic War.

Latin Numbers - What Are the 3 Types of Latin Numbers
There are three main forms of Latin numbers you should know: 1. Roman numerals, 2. ordinal numbers, and 3. cardinal numbers

A-V Resources for the Classics
A-V lectures by classics scholars on almost anything including Greco-Roman mythology, art, archaeology, games, theatre, philosophy, classical civ, Roman Britain, the Etruscans, fables -- and much more. All things for all grade levels.

Becoming a Consul in the Roman Republic
You have been hired to educate little Cornelius. The pater familias has directed you, a servant, to teach the child what is required to become a consul. You know nothing about politics, so you decide to ask two of your friends to help you. Where do you get started?

Children's Books on the Ancient World
A collection of children's books, in Latin, available for purchase.

LacusCurtius: into the Roman World
A potpourri of Latin goodies, including a core gazetteer, from William P. Thayer. In English, French, and Italian.

Mosaic Making
Taken from Pyrrha's Roman Pages. Step-by-step process.

Oxford Latin Course Drills
Drills which accompany the Oxford Latin Course (2nd edition), chapter-by-chapter. Created by Margaret B. Phillips, University of Missouri at St. Louis.

Makes crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches, hidden messages, criss-crosses, double puzzles, cryptograms, letter tiles, fallen phrases, and more.

[Quintessential Instructional Archive]. Play and create Latin games and quizzes. A remarkable site! You could "play" at this site all day long!

Roman Gardening
Pyrrha explains how to make a Roman garden.

Teaching with Perseus
The Perseus Project, "an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond," includes a recently concluded study of the impact and use of Perseus in the classroom.

The Cambridge Schools Classics Project
A website for teachers and students of the Cambridge Latin Course. "CSCP's aim is to help teachers make Classics accessible to a broad range of pupils.... [and] to build on the CSCP's existing links with teachers...."

Ancient History Study Tips
Some Suggestions About Studying Ancient History for Unprepared Students

Ancient Egyptian Terms for Children
When children are studying ancient Egypt, they should become familiar with most of these terms.

Ancient Egyptian Terms for Children
When children are studying ancient Egypt, they should become familiar with most of these terms.

Readers Explain Their Interest in the Fall of Rome
Readers tell why they care about the fall of Rome.See submissions

From the Bronze Age to A.D. 500 - The Ancient Eras
A quick look at what happened across Eurasia divided into major epochs.

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