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Latin Poetry - Sulpicia

The elegiac post Sulpicia, niece of Valerius Messalla Corvinus and daughter of Servius Sulpicius Rufus, was a contemporary of Tibullus and the only woman writer in the corpus of classical Latin literature.
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Sulpicia, a Roman woman writer, wrote elegies in Latin that had been attributed to Tibullus.

Sulpicia, Six Poems (ed. Anne Mahoney)
English translations of the six elegiac poems attributed to Sulpicia.

Martial on Sulpicia
The poetess Sulpicia who lived in the Flavian period taught about a chaste love, according to the epigrammatist Martial. From Lefkowitz and Fant's Women's Life in Greece and Rome site.

Sulpicia Bibliography
Works on or referring to Sulpicia.

BBC article on a new translation of the six poems by Sulpicia, the Roman writer whose work revelled in the joy of sin.

Ovid and Elegy
Outline of essential points about Latin elegy, including generic features (poet's pursuit of a woman whose status is indeterminate) and major figures in Augustan elegy.

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