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4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline

Timeline for Mesopotamia


4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline

  • 4000 Sumerians arrive in Mesopotamia
  • 3750 Eridu is earliest known walled Sumerian city [Mesopotamia, by Jane Shuter]
  • 3000-2300 Early Dynastic Period [James A. Armstrong "Mesopotamia" The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. Brian M. Fagan, ed., Oxford University Press 1996.]
  • 2800 Kish, the dominant city, challenged by Lagash;
    Semites dominate Kish
  • 2700 Sumerian King, Gilgamesh, rules the city of Uruk [EAWC]
  • 2340 Sargon (a Sumerian in the city of Kish) overthrows the Sumerian king of Nippur;
    Sargon's new kingdom is called Akkad;
    Sargon extends his kingdom to Syria
  • 2320 Sargon conquers Sumer [EAWC]
  • 2230 Akkadian dynasty ends
  • 2150 Nomadic Gutians overruns Akkadians and Sumer, but Sumer revives
  • 2100 - Writing of the Sumerian Kings List [EAWC]
  • 2130 Sumer regains independence from Akkadian rule
  • 2000 Hittites migrate to Asia Minor
  • 1950 Elamites from Zagros attack Sumer and overrun the Syrian Amorites;
    Amorites go to Babylon to create colonies with Ashur as center of a kingdom that will be called Assyria
  • c. 2000-1600 - First Dynasty of Babylon [Mesopotamia, by Jane Shuter]
  • 1753 Ammorite King Hammurabi conquers all of Sumer;
    Hammurabi rules to 1750;
    His empire lasts until 1600, when the Kassites conquer most of Mesopotamia
  • 1800 Kassites defeat the Babylonians
  • 1593 Hittites sack Babylon and end Hammurabi's dynasty
  • 1365 Ashur the Great, King of Assyria marries his daughter to a Babylonian
  • 1300 The Assyrians control all of Mesopotamia
  • 1200 Hittites' capital Hattusas is wiped out (plague); Phrygians move in
  • 1050 Cosmopolitan area, with tolerance for diverse ethnicity
  • 1000 Assyrian Empire.
Rough chronology provided in 2000 by [URL = www.dubsar.com/nippur/ ] Dubsar, the Ancient Sumerian Scribe.

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