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Details on Thoth
Basics on Thoth

Thoth is the name of an Egyptian god of knowledge, secrets, magic, and writing. Thoth is also a messenger god and psychopomp. Sometimes Thoth is called the (oldest) son of Ra. However, Thoth is also counted a lunar god who sometimes wears the crescent moon on his (ibis) head. Thoth is also said to have created himself by uttering words that came to life.

Thoth often appears as Ibis-headed or as a baboon, but rarely as a human with a baboon head.

Also Known As: Tehuty, Djehuty,ḏḥwty
Thoth was the chief god of Khmun or Hermopolis.

According to Hathor and Thoth, by Claas Jouco Bleeker, Thoth was often called Isdes from the time of the New Kingdom on. Isdes was Lord of the West and judge of the dead.

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