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Homer Quotes

Homer quotes from "The Iliad"


Apotheosis of Homer

Marble relief showing the Apotheosis of Homer Signed by Archelaus of Priene 225-205 B.C. Found at Bovillae on the Appian Way, but probably originating from Alexandria in Ptolemaic Eqypt.

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The following, translated quotes from Homer's Iliad come from The Stoic's Bible, edited by Giles Laurén, who bases them on Pope's translation of Homer's Iliad.

I have grouped some of the Homer quotes into rough themes.

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  • FATE:
    "For such is fate, nor canst thou turn its course With all thy rage, with all thy rebel force." Jove to Juno. Hom, Il.VIII. 153
  • VIRTUE: "A cruel heart ill suits a manly mind." Phoenix. Hom. Il.IX. 172
    "For great examples justify command." Nestor. Hom. Il.X. 182.
    "Yet, if my years thy kind regard engage,
    Employ thy youth as I employ my age;
    Succeed to these my cares, and rouse the rest;
    He serves me most, who serves his country best." Nestor to Diomedes. Hom. Il.X. 183
  • "What for ourselves we can, is always ours." Diomedes. Hom. Il.IX. 177.

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