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Major Figures in the Twelfth Book of the Odyssey


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  • Odysseus - Wandering Trojan War hero famed for his wiles. He is a favorite of Athena and disliked by Poseidon.
  • Circe - she is the daughter of Helios who lives in a mansion in a forest on the island of Aeaea. She is a goddess who uses drugs to transform men into beasts.
  • Tiresias - a blind seer whom Odysseus must speak with in the Underworld
  • Elpenor - one of Odysseus' men who falls to his death just before they leave Circe's island.
  • Helios/Hyperion - the sun god who has cattle and sheep on the island of Thrinacia.
  • Circe - Sorceress/goddess who turned Odysseus' men into swine and then restored them and helped them. In Book XII she gives specific warnings about what troubles the men will encounter.
  • Eurylochus - Speaks freely and stirs up the men. He is responsible for persuading the men to slaughter the cattle of the sun god.
  • Scylla - an immortal monster with six heads each with three rows of teeth. She eats passing sailors.
  • Charybdis - lives opposite Scylla. She swallows cast quantities of water and all in it and then vomits it out again.

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