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Roman Wines - Which Were the Popular Roman Wines
There was great variety in the quality of the wine, depending on factors like aging and cultivation. Here are some of the preferred Roman wines and their place of origin, listed in an order based on the writing of the naturalist Pliny.

Wine - the Origins of Wine
Archaeology Guide Kris Hirst describes evidence for the creation of wine from grapes 7000 years ago.

Oldest Wine Comes From China
In 2004, archaeological chemist Patrick E. McGovern of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology found residue of 9000-year old Chinese wine.

Possible Origins of Toasting
The Gilroy Dispatch says that the custom of toasting comes from the Greeks, who raised their drinking vessels in a display of good faith, but that the word comes from a literal Roman practice.

Rome had two wine festivals called Vinalia. One was the Vinalia urbana or Vinalia priora, held in April, and the other the Vinalia rustica or Vinalia altera, held in August.

Reconstruction of Roman Wine
A French vineyard is employing ancient Roman wine making methods: "About ten years ago, inspired by the history of his family's property, Hervé Durand joined forces with André Tchernia and Jean-Pierre Brun, experts in archaeology and Roman viticulture, to reconstruct a Roman winery and, following ancient agricultural manuals and recorded recipes, produce authentic tasting Roman wines."

Origins of Wine
From the University of Pennsylvania's archaeology museum, the history of wine from its neolithic origin to Egypt and Mesopotamia, with map of viniferous regions.

Daily Life Caveat - Problems Stating Facts About Ancient Daily Life
Limits to what we know about daily life in ancient history.

Wine Quiz
A five question self-grading, one-page quiz on ancient intoxicants.

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