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Winter Holidays - Solstice, Saturnalia, and Winter Festivals

Winter holidays in ancient times included solstice festivals like Saturnalia and the Jewish festival of lights known as Hanukah.

Winter Holidays - Ancient Festivals and Holidays at or Near the Winter Solstice
At or around the Winter Solstice there have been festivals and holidays in ancient as well as modern times.

Brumalia - Greek Winter Holiday
Brumalia is an ancient Greek winter holiday.

Cronia - Greek Festival For the God Cronus
The Cronia was a Greek festival in honor of Cronus that is thought of as the Greek equivalent of the Roman holiday Saturnalia.

Hanukkah is the Jewish winter festival of lights.

Winter Solstice
Information on the Chinese celebrations of the winter solstice.

Pongal: Great Indian Thanksgiving! (Part 2)
Pongal follows the solstice as the Indian Thanksgiving festival that honors the sun.

Solstice Celebrations
Ancient or modern, we all celebrate the year's end and the dwindling day light with solstice celebrations and festivals of light.

A close look at pagan festivities that compose the Brumalia.

Brumalia: a Winter Solstice Ritual
An encompassing look at ancient winter festivals, by Apollonius Sophistes.

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