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Famous women from ancient history, including Aspasia, Agnodice, Mary Magdalene and Hypatia.
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  1. Agrippina the Elder
  2. Agrippina the Younger
  3. Arsinoe II
  4. Artemisia
  5. Bathsheba
  6. Boudicca
  7. Cleopatra
  8. Clodia
  9. Cornelia
  10. Egeria
  11. Hatshepsut
  12. Helena
  13. Hypatia
  14. Julia Domna
  15. Julia Maesa
  16. Livia Drusilla or Julia ...
  17. Nitocris
  18. Praxilla
  19. Sappho
  20. Sulpicia
  21. Tomyris
  22. Veturia
  23. Women A - G (23)
  24. Women H - M (14)
  25. Women N - R (9)
  26. Women S - Z (8)
  27. Zenobia

Ancient Women Warriors
Throughout history, women warriors have fought and led troops into battle. This partial list of warrior queens and other women warriors runs from the legendary Amazons -- who may have been real warriors from the Steppes -- to the Syrian queen of Palmyra, Zenobia. Sadly, we know too little about most of these brave warrior women who stood up to...

6 Roman Mothers
Six Roman mothers, some good and others bad.

Greek Mothers
Had it not been for their mothers, Jocasta and Clytemnestra, the heroes Oedipus and Orestes would have remained obscure.

Ancient Queens
Here are some of the most famous ancient queens in ancient history.

Aspasia of Miletus was the mistress of Pericles and philosopher to the philosophers.

Guest feature by Maria Jamil Fasolo on Hipparchia of Maroneia, who married the Cynic philosopher Crates and encouraged ancient Greek women to seek greater freedom.

Basic information on the Greek courtesan Neaira.

Review of Joyce A. Tyldesley's biography of Akhenaten's great royal wife, Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen.

From the Womens' History Guide, details about the life of the semi-legendary Assyrian queen.

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