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Writing: Hieroglyphs, Cuneiform, Epigraphy & Scripts

Language, literature, dictionaries, documents, inscriptions, epigraphy, writing, and writing about writing in ancient Mediterranean countries, including the dead sea scrolls.
  1. ANE Language (14)
  2. Aramaic (3)
  3. Cuneiform (5)
  4. Dead Sea Scrolls
  5. Dictionary - Word Lists (19)
  6. Epigraphy
  7. Epigraphy (19)
  8. Esperanto (3)
  9. Etruscan Language (6)
  10. Etymology (12)
  11. Hieroglyphs
  12. Hieroglyphs (13)
  13. Interlingua (4)
  14. Ladin (2)
  15. Linguistics / Ancient Language (26)
  16. Old English Origins (3)
  17. Proto Indo-European (7)
  18. Rhetoric (12)
  19. Romance Language (6)
  20. South Asian Writing (6)

These Latin resources should serve as a supplement for students studying Latin and people working on translating Latin on their own, especially after a hiatus from high school or college Latin.

The Written Word
The written word includes religious and daily writing, monumental inscriptions, and literature.

Alphabet - What Was the First Alphabet?
What was the first alphabet?

The Tower of Babel and the Diffusion of Languages
The story of the Tower of Babel is used to explain the origin of the many languages of the world.

Paper in Ancient China
Ancient China, one of the autochthonous regions of writing invented its own forms of writing material or paper.

Akkadian and Cuneiform
A question was raised as to whether Akkadian was the original written language.

The Script Writing of Ancient China
About the ancient script of the ancient Chinese, its legend and history, and its position vis a vis the other inventors of writing in the ancient world.

Ancient Inscriptions
Inscriptions are generally a more permanent form of ancient writing than writing on tablets or papyrus.

Paleo-Hebrew is an ancient Hebrew script.

Proto-Indo-European - PIE
Proto-Indo-European is a theorized language.

Cuneiform - What Is Cuneiform
Cuneiform is a way of writing and can be used for different languages.

Praxis Grammatica - Practice Your Latin With Praxis Grammatica
A way to practice your Latin with expressions you might actually use.

Roots of English: An Etymological Dictionary
By Seton Hall University's Eugene Cotter, a downloadable dictionary for Windows 95/98.

History of Writing
Writing (counting), Jack Kilmon says, began with the advent of a permanent agrarian society. He supplements his essay with downloadable archaic fonts.

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web
A site filled with definitions and explanations of what scribes and scholars encounter and mistakes they make when trying to select the best version of an ancient text.

Language Families
Charts of Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic, Sino-Tibetan, and language families, plus a list of the Uralic languages.

Where Do Languages Come From?
From Exploratorium Magazine Online. Site provides very basic information on word origins and roots. Also compares six languages' words for the numbers one through ten.

Why Do Languages Change?
The Bible, decay, natural law, and social bonding all help explain why languages change.

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