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Resources for those doing academic research, writing books, or those involved in re-enactment societies. Bibliographies, re-enactment societies, professional groups, journals, and more.
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Modern Authors
Modern writers about ancient history or mythology and writers of historical fiction covering antiquity through Dark Age Britain.

Classical Abbreviations
Classical abbreviations from an online 1911 encyclopedia. The edition was scanned and not proofed, so there are errors.

A Pocket Guide to Writing in History
A short review of Mary Lynn Rampolla's A Pocket Guide to Writing in History.

Ancient/Classical History Glossary
Ancient History glossary.

Lacuna - Ancient Manuscripts' Lacunae
Lacuna - Plural Lacunae - Ancient manuscripts' lacunae.

Glossary of Historical Terms From About.com's European History Guide
Book Review
Past, The
Primary Sources
Reference Work
Secondary Sources

A Humanist and His Writing
An Internet endeavor of the late William Harris, Professor Emeritus, Middlebury College. A collection of essays and commentaries. Also take in his Scrinium Latinum site at . He calls it "A Toolbox of Materials for the Intelligent Study of Latin."

Donatus, the Grammarian
A survey of the most influential works of Donatus the Grammarian, in Latin.

The Journey of the Israelites
Map of Egypt highlighting Oxyrhynchus with red arrow.

The Latin Advantage
See the latest scores on the SATs showing how much better students who studied Latin did than all students and those who took French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew.

Egypt - Bibliography

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