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Did Xerxes' Subject Peoples Include Black Africans? Myth vs Fact


Question: Did Xerxes' Subject Peoples Include Black Africans? Myth vs Fact
In reaction to the graphic-novel-based movie from March 2007, the following comment was posted:
Iranian people dislike this film because of so many reasons. Like why do Iranian soldiers look like devils? Why do Iranian people look black? (Edited for spelling and grammar)
The implication is that the Empire of the Persians, led by the Great King Xerxes, should have been entirely Caucasian, if not specifically Aryan, with no dark-skinned Africans.
Answer: As shown in the movie "300", when Xerxes brought his forces to bear on the Greeks, he brought more than just Persians. Xerxes was a Great King over the rulers of many lands, especially in Asia and Africa.

The Daiva Inscription was on a stone tablet that was found at Persepolis in 1935 by an expedition of the Oriental Insititute of the University of Chicago. It was written in Old Persian. Daiva means "false god." Xerxes was a Zoroastrian. The god of the Zoroastrians was called Ahuramazda. The section below contains the names of the lands over which Xerxes was king.

Section 3. 13-28. "Says Xerxes the king: By the favor of Ahuramazda, these are the lands of which I was king outside of Persia; I governed them, they bore tribute to me, they did that which was commanded to them by me, the law which was mine, that held them firm: Media, Susiana, Arachosia, Armenia, Drangiana, Parthia, Aria, Bactria, Sogdiana, Chorasmia, Babylonia, Assyria, Sattagydia, Sardis, Egypt, the Ionians who dwell in the sea and those who dwell beyond the sea, the Macians, Arabia, Gandara, Sind, Cappadocia, the Dahae, the Amyrgian Scythians, the Scythians with pointed caps, Skudra, the men of Akaufaka, the Puntians, the Carians, the Aethiopians."

p. 296. "The Daiva-Inscription of Xerxes," by Roland G. Kent. Language, Vol. 13, No. 4. (Oct. - Dec., 1937), pp. 292-305.

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