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Zeus - Greek God Zeus - Roman Jupiter

Zeus was the king of the ancient Greek gods. Resources on Zeus, known as Jupiter in Rome, and stories about the Greek god Zeus.

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  1. Jupiter - Roman Zeus

Zeus, the Recent Victor of the Titanomachy, Wins A Second Time
Before becoming head honcho on Olympus, Zeus had to prove what he was made of. To defeat his fiercest enemy, he either struck him with his customary weapon or crushed him with Mt. Aetna.

Goddesses and Immortal Mates of Zeus
Zeus was the king of the gods and answerable to no one -- at least until he married Hera. His exploits among mortals begat the ancestors of the Greek heroes, but Zeus also mated with goddesses and other immortals.

Sanctuary of Zeus at Dodona
The Sanctuary of Zeus at Dodona was the site of an ancient oracle.

Zeus is the king of the gods and goddesses in the Greek pantheon.

The king of the Olympian gods Zeus was known as Jupiter by the Romans.

Uranus' Revenge - Rise of the Olympians
Uranus, Cronus, and Zeus, three generations of supreme deities and a cycle of revenge.

Zeus' Divine Mates
Zeus mated with various goddesses to produce gods, goddesses, and concepts.

Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva, and Momus
A fable by Aesop.

From Carlos Parada. Zeus' interventions, attacks against him, and his prodigious list of mates and offspring.

Why Wasn't Zeus Deposed - Your Theories on Why Zeus Wasn't Deposed
Why doesn't Greek mythology continue the vengeance cycle with someone deposing Zeus as king of the gods?

Find out who gave her name to the continent of Europa.

Zeus at Olympia
One of the 7 wonders of the ancient world was the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, a giant statue.

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