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Social Factors Contributing to Rome's Decline

Share Your Story: Readers Explain Their Interest in the Fall of Rome

By TwoDroll

Why Is Rome's Fall Important Today?

Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Why or why wouldn't you compare Rome and the U.S.?

I would compare; both are empires, increasing decadence, complacency.

What I was searching for

I googled roman empire decline. I want opinions how social factors contributed to Rome's decline.

What I wanted to learn

Just looking to compare/contrast ancient Rome with current US situation. I perceive a precipitous decline in several areas of American culture, and wonder if there are parallels to be found. This is personal interest only. I'm not doing a project or assignment.

Lessons Learned

  • Fall of Rome not attributable to a single factor.
  • No real date for the fall. It was a process.

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